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Foetal corrections

In what can be described as one of the most challenging surgical fetes, doctors from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Kochi have successfully done fetoscopic valve ablation on a 22-week old foetus.

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Ten hours, five doctors, one life saved at Manipal Hospitals Bangalore

Surgeons at Manipal Hospitals Bangalore have successfully removed a rare tumour of the nerve cells, ‘Paraganglioma’ which was secreting excess hormone and was present at the lower back, near the spine of 36-year-old patient, Jagadeesh Ratha.

Uncommon dislocations

The shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion when compared to hip joint even though both of them are ball and socket joints. The stability of shoulder joint depends on static stabilisers and dynamic stabilisers.

Dr VinodKumar B P & Prof Dr CS Vikraman

Bloodless surgery for aortic valve leakage

“Mr Uwen was reinvestigated at Manipal Hospital. In addition to aortic valve leak with heart enlargement, he was also found to have gross enlargement of aortic root and early part of his aorta, medically called annuloaortic ectasia.

“We have examples of ethnicity having a definite association with particular diseases” 

Dr Partha Pratim Majumder gives a fresh update on Genome Asia 100K, as well as the clinical relevance and possible applications of the project.

Dr Sumit Ghoshal

Robotic arms to cure pancreatic cancer

Bhim Rao, a retired government officer from Karnataka, is relieved man today as he has been cured of pancreatic cancer by a team of doctors at Narayana Health City, Bengaluru.


EXIT Procedure

Babies with anticipated breathing problems are delivered through EXIT procedure. This method is opted during Cesarean Section.