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India’s Denisovan lineage

The percentage of Denisovan DNA is the highest among the indigenous tribal communities in India, finds the GenomeAsia 100K Pilot study.

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“Our strategy was to focus on diversity of different groups to provide broad relevance”

Dr Andrew Peterson, Scientific Chairman, GenomeAsia 100K, led the scientific efforts of the consortium that produced a comprehensive catalogue of genetic variation across Asia as part of GenomeAsia 100K.


Adverse drug reactions – The genetic factor

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are a significant cause of hospitalisations and deaths the world over. ADRs to treatments are estimated to affect between 7 percent and 14 percent of patients in US hospitals.


Asian genome unravelled

Asian populations have a particularly high number of novel genetic variations that increase their susceptibility to various genetic diseases including cancer, reveals one of the most extensive studies on Asian DNA ever carried out.

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The hunt for a cure

The buzz around finding a cure for HIV/AIDS is growing stronger. Researchers working in this area appear increasingly sanguine about ending this scourge in the near future.

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HIV vaccines: An unprecedented surge in activity

Vaccines, the most powerful public health tools available, are set to play a powerful role in ending the scourge of the AIDS epidemic, researchers say.


“A multi-pronged approach will likely be needed to achieve the goal of curing HIV”

A pioneer in HIV research, the company believes that through relentless pursuit for a cure, the HIV epidemic can be ended once and for all.