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New phage from ‘viral dark matter’

An international team based in Austria has unearthed a previously unknown type of virus in samples of human bodily fluids.

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3-months’ compulsory service for PGs in district hospitals mooted

The MCI Board of Governors (BoG) has proposed a compulsory three-month service in district hospitals for all postgraduate medical students as a pre-condition to be eligible to appear in the final exam. Presently, a three-months’ rotating internship in primary health centres or urban health centres is compulsory for students pursuing undergraduate medical courses. The BOG […]


AMR research in India: In need of collaboration

Research is the most important need to improve the quality of healthcare in any country. This can be verified by measuring the number of peer-reviewed articles published in the country. The search term “antibiotic resistance, India” in PubMed with restriction to “human” studies for the past 10 years yielded a result of 2,633 research articles. […]

Dr Rajani Kanth Vangala

Cartilage in joints can grow faster in humans

Ming-Feng Hsueh et al discovered that proteins of cartilage in hip, knee and ankle in humans showed a pattern of regeneration similar to that of highly regenerative animals, such as axolotls. Turnover of insoluble collagen has been earlier suggested to be very limited in human adult cartilage. In this study, researchers could unmask a position-dependent […]

Immunoglobulin drops for dry eye disease

Jieun Kwon et al demonstrated reduced signs and symptoms of dry eye disease (DED) in afflicted patients in response to a new eye drop treatment made from pooled human antibodies. The immunoglobulin pool targets anti-citrullinated protein autoantibodies, or ACPAs-a specific type of antibody, found in human tear fluid. ACPAs were found to be involved in […]

Tesamorelin reverses fatty liver in HIV infected

Takara L Stanley et al found that the injectable synthetic growth-hormone-releasing hormone, tesamorelin, reduces liver fat and prevents liver fibrosis (scarring) in people living with HIV. About 43% of the enrolled participants had at least mild fibrosis, and 33% had a more severe subset of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Participants […]

Nano ligand carriers for targeted delivery to brain

Lin-Ping Wu et al developed a simplified technique using brain-specific phage-derived peptide to effectively transport medication into the brain. The method allows for minimally invasive combination delivery through an intravenous injection of various drugs, peptides and nucleic acid therapeutics to the brain. For the study, the researchers utilised a peptide component from a virus that […]