COVID-19 death toll crosses 30,000; Total cases touch 6,63,740

India sees the number of cases rising fast nearing1000

COVID-19 death toll crosses 30,000; Total cases touch 6,63,740

Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which is spread across199 countries around the world and two large international conveyances harboured at Yokohama,Japan, and off the coast of Panama respectively, has so far claimed 30,879 lives and the total number of infected cases already touched 6.63,740 on March 29.  

With the highest number of positive cases reported in the last few days, the US has already surpassed China, the country where the virus outbreak took place first in November 2019.  The US has already reported 1,23,780 confirmed cases and it had 2,227 deaths claimed by the virus infection.  While Italy has had the highest number of deaths at 10,023 due to this global pandemic,  China, Spain, France, Germany, Iran and UK where the other countries, which reported large number of casualties.

India, which is now entering the Stage-3 of the virus outbreak, has reported total number of confirmed cases close to 1000. A community level spread is suspected in the country as the number of cases has risen rapidly in the last few days.  It has had 24 deaths till today.

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