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Repairing coarctation sans surgery

Cardiac concerns are on the rise. Technology aiding in the prevention and treatment of  heart issues has been in the spotlight for several decades. Often, cardiac problems occur due to the narrowing of arteries, and stents are often the treatment of choice. Stents are small, extendable devices that are placed at the site of the […]

­Dr Shivanee Shah
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Circle of organ donation

Timely organ transplantation is critical in saving a life. Patients diagnosed with heart or liver disease often require urgent transplantation for the diseased organ as the only means of treatment. Long waiting times for a suitable donor may be detrimental and can result in a loss of life. Patients with kidney disease, on the other […]

­Dr Shivanee Shah

Awake to alive

45 year old Seema (name changed) had been getting severe headaches and had a few epileptic seizures when she visited Dr Soumya CV, Neurologist, Aster MIMS Kannur. Seema had a previous history of breast cancer and had undergone surgery, roughly 6 years ago. There had been no recurrence since then. However, cancers tend to metastasize, […]

Probe on epileptic encephalopathy

Nikhil (name changed) had been visiting Dr K N Shah for the past 20 years. He first consulted Dr Shah, Senior Paediatric Neurologist, at Lilavati Hospital and Research Center in Mumbai at the age of 5 years, when he had his first epileptic seizure. His family history and birth history were completely normal and without […]

­Dr Shivanee Shah

A pox tale with a twist

While most children are vaccinated against chickenpox during infancy, the disease often attacks us at some point or the other. In the majority of cases, children develop rash-like lesions along with cough/cold and fever which resolves with minimal treatment. The only memories that might remain are perhaps the odd scar left behind after the skin […]

­Dr Shivanee Shah

A preemie’s travails

Gayatri was in her 31st week of pregnancy when her blood pressure started rising and she was taken to the Apollo Children’s Hospitals, Chennai. She had to undergo an emergency C-section to deliver a pre-term baby boy who weighed only 1.2 kgs. At 31 weeks, babies are still far from being ready to live independently, […]

­Dr Shivanee Shah

Treading an unsure path

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura or idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP is an autoimmune disorder where antibodies destroy platelets, resulting in a tendency to bleed. Common visible symptoms are purpura or bruising, petechiae or large patches of bluish discoloration of the skin and pinpoint dots of bleeding. Bleeding may occur in the nose or mouth, and in […]

­Dr Shivanee Shah