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Red meat consumption linked to invasive breast cancer risk

Lo JJ, et al evidenced a potential risk of invasive breast cancer with increased consumption of red meat. The researchers examined the association between the consumption of different types of meat, meat mutagens and incident invasive breast cancer. 42,012 participants were involved in the study. Exposure to meat type and meat mutagens was calculated, and […]

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Bowel hormone aids to shed pounds in obesity

Behary P et al demonstrated a hormone infusion therapy that could improve glycemia and reduce body weight in obese patients. The researchers utilised previously identified three specific hormones, found to be released in the bowel in higher levels after gastric bypass surgery. These hormones involving glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), oxyntomodulin and peptide termed as GOP was […]


Vaccination cuts shingles incidence in HSC transplant patients

Bastidas et al found the herpes zoster vaccine (Shingrix) to be effective in patients who underwent autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). The phase III zoster efficacy trial tested a 2-dose course of the recombinant zoster vaccine in the HSC recipients. The study showed that during a median 21 months of follow-up, there was at […]


Gab3 mutation prevents NK cells formation leading to placenta accreta

Sliz et al discovered a remarkable association between risk for placenta accreta in pregnant women with a gene mutation that prevents the healthy formation of “natural killer” cells (NK). The researchers found that the mice which carried a mutation in a protein called Grb2-associated binding protein 3 (Gab3) was responsible for preventing normal NK cell […]


Biologic drugs for psoriasis reduce coronary inflammation

Elnabawi YA, et al demonstrated that anti-inflammatory biologic therapies used to treat psoriasis can significantly reduce coronary inflammation in the patients. Scientists utilised a novel imaging biomarker, the perivascular fat attenuation index (FAI), to measure the effect of the therapy in reducing the inflammation. Perivascular FAI assessed coronary inflammation by mapping spatial changes of perivascular […]


Experimental RSV vaccine induces antibody surge

Crank et al reported promising results of a novel experimental respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine from a Phase 1 clinical trial. The vaccine contained stabilised prefusion DS-Cav1 molecule developed from a structure-based RSV fusion glycoprotein. The study analysed data from 40 healthy adult volunteers enrolled in the trial. The volunteers received a dose of either […]


Cortisol level in hair could predict depression symptoms in teens

Jodi L Ford et al examined the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in the hair to predict depressive symptoms in adolescents. The study included 432 adolescents between 11 to 17 years of age. The researchers measured depression with a nine-item questionnaire that the participants filled out and evaluated a 3-centimeter hair sample to assess […]