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Enigma of a glaucoma

The prevalence of pseudoexfoliation (PXF) syndrome, a common cause of glaucoma-related blindness, is on the rise in India. If the findings of a recent study by Indian researchers are anything to go by, not only is the rate of occurrence of PXF very high in certain parts of the country, it is also emerging as […]

S Harachand
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Flu shots slashes CV deaths

Influenza vaccination in patients with high blood pressure is associated with an 18% reduced risk of death during flu season, according to research presented at ESC Congress 2019 together with the World Congress of Cardiology. “Given these results, it is my belief that all patients with high blood pressure should have an annual flu vaccination,” […]


Malaria ups heart failure risk

Malaria infection is linked with a 30% increased risk of heart failure, according to a small study presented at ESC Congress 2019 together with the World Congress of Cardiology. The mosquito-borne infection affects more than 219 million people worldwide each year, according to 2018 statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO). “We have seen an […]


“Most nutritional products targeting Indian women & child health market are not really healthy”

Woman and child health segment is one of the markets most targeted by nutritional product companies in India. While the products range from vitamin supplements to nutraceuticals and functional health foods, the majority of these products are sold through over-the-counter or consumer health route. Hence, the marketing strategy is largely media-driven and consumers are often […]


Peritoneal Carcinomatosis- Treating the enigma

Peritoneal surface malignancies are considered to be an enigma and one of the most difficult to treat cancers. They are a group of advanced stage cancers that develop on the lining of the abdomen, called the peritoneum.

Prof DR Somashekhar S P, MS, M.Ch (Oncosurgery), FRCS (Edinburgh)

India’s first autoimmune diagnostics lab launched in Kerala

Immucare Diagnostics, a research-oriented diagnostics laboratory dedicated to supporting the medical fraternity and patients suffering from all types of autoimmune diseases, has been launched in Kerala.

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Clinical Management Protocol for Nipah Virus Disease

In India, two outbreaks in human were reported from Siliguri (2001) and Nadia (2007), West Bengal. Fruit bats of Pteropus genus are the natural reservoir of NiV.