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Head and neck cancer treatment in India comes of age: Experts

The treatment practices in head and neck cancer in India are coming of age, observed leading experts from across the country gathered at Bengaluru for the Cancon 2019 held on July 27-28. Oncologists from India are making an impact in managing the carcinomas affecting the head and neck. “Head and neck cancer is treated more […]

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State of the Art in Neural Interfaces: Unveiling the scope of neuroengineering

Converting human thoughts into text on a computer or phone screen or keeping the backup for human memory sounds far-fetched now. But, believe it or not, such capabilities are not very far from reality. The scope of research in the area of neurotechnology and neural engineering is immense, and the world is looking forward to […]


Act fast against antimicrobial resistance: CIDSCON 2019

It will be too late to tackle the problem of antimicrobial resistance if we fail to act now as data show that things are getting out of hand, alerted experts gathered at the 9th Annual Conference of Clinical Infectious Diseases Society, CIDSCON 2019, conducted in Kochi from 23 to 25 August 2019. Antimicrobial resistance has […]

Divya Choyikutty

Doctors and scientists on a mission

The progress of a community or country depends on several important factors, among which healthcare is one of the most important. “Walk of Life” event was conceived and organized by the Institute for Applied Research and Innovation, Bangalore keeping in view trends that show that the younger generation is becoming more vulnerable to diseases, doctors […]

Dr Rajani Kanth Vangala

CSI HFCON2019 calls for raising awareness about heart failure

The third edition of the National Heart Failure Conference, themed on ‘Improving heart failure outcomes in India’, highlighted the rise in mortality rates in heart failure, estimated to exceed even those of many cancers.

Divya Choyikutty


September 5-8, 33rd Annual Conference of AICC RCOG 2019, Kolkata


September 6-8,  23rd Annual Conference of Paediatric Hematology Oncology Chapter (PHO), Varanasi