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Frontline warriors Fighting without armour

Even as the country wages a battle against the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers — hailed as ‘Frontline Warriors’ — are forced to enter the battleground without the required armour or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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Collateral damage of an HCP getting infected is huge: Expert

For healthcare professionals (HCP), it is a matter of “when”, and not “if“, they will get infected with COVID-19, says a Clinical Professor of Microbiology at a leading super-specialty quaternary care medical centre in India, preferring to remain anonymous.


Laboratory medicine has pit crews and no cowboys

The success of laboratories rests on the shoulders of its trained manpower. The ongoing lockdown has affected teams at a humanitarian level.

Dr Sadia Khan

Quality of life of Indian frontline healthcare professionals during adversity

Health care professionals (HCP), including physicians, nurses and medical support staffs represent a society’s frontline caregivers in healthcare management.

Nutraceuticals widen acceptance

Nutraceuticals have seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years in India, especially for preventive and proactive health care and disease management.

Ajit Marathe 

Innovative biomarkers for early diagnosis

From the inception of medical science, there is a heavy reliance on research to find ways to detect and combat dreadful medical conditions. While many of the diseases known are curable thanks to the advances in technology and innovations in research, there are still some that call for more attention and a more precise treatment […]

Amit Chopra

Insurers’ challenges

With dismally low government spending on healthcare and health insurance penetration of just 3-4 percent, India has one of the highest out-of-pocket spending rates in healthcare.

Dr Dharminder Nagar