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Chlamydia vaccine shows promise in phase I studies

Abraham.S et al found the results of a novel chlamydia vaccine to be safe and effective in producing an immune response that could potentially protect against the infection. The vaccine was developed based on a recombinant protein subunit (CTH522). The team analysed the vaccine in 35 healthy women aged 19–45 years. The participants were divided […]

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Interferons linked to placental defects

Buchrieser et al found that interferon, a molecule produced particularly in response to viral infection, may be responsible for abnormalities in placental development. Interferon-induced transmembrane proteins (IFITMs) were found to inhibit syncytin, restricting the fusion of trophoblast cells into a multi-nucleated syncytiotrophoblast layer (ST) and preventing the formation of the external layer of the placenta. […]


New protocol triples storage time of donor livers

Reinier J. de Vries et al successfully developed a supercooling protocol that could preserve human livers at –4 °C to extend the ex-vivo life of the organ by upto 27 hours. The team had previously shown that supercooled ice-free storage at –6 °C could extend viable preservation of rat livers. They were able to do this by adding […]


Red wine benefits gut microbiota

Caroline I. Le Roy et al found that moderate red wine consumption was associated with a healthier gut microbiota among red wine drinkers. Researchers also explored the effect of beer, cider, white wine and spirits on the gut microbiome (GM) and subsequent health benefits. They found that the GM of red wine drinkers was more […]


Antibiotics weaken immunotherapy in cancer patients

Pinato.J et al showed evidence suggesting that antibiotic therapy may be associated with a reduced response to immunotherapy in routine practice, irrespective of tumour site. The researchers recruited 196 patients (137 men and 59 women) with non–small cell lung cancer (n = 119), melanoma (n = 38), and other tumour types (n = 39) who received immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy (ICIs), […]


New medication ‘silences’ HIV infection

Qingli Niu et al have discovered a novel potential medication that works by utilising the HIV-infected person’s own body to further suppress the HIV virus. Although the drug could complement the current HIV anti-retroviral therapy (ART) medications, it may also be possible that it could lead to HIV remission without a lifetime of taking ART […]


Microvesicles developed to targeted delivery of cancer drugs

Kanada et al developed a therapeutic approach to deliver enzyme-producing genes that can convert certain drugs to target and kill tumour cells. The researchers used extracellular vesicles (EVs) as delivery vehicles to transfer the genetic material that carries cancer treatments. The delivery vehicle comprised microvesicles loaded with engineered minicircle (MC) DNA that encoded prodrug converting […]