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“The doctor’s dilemma of the modern era is around cancer”

According to Dr Madhavan V Pillai MD, a physician specialised in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology and certified by American Board of Internal Medicine, the biggest challenge that the scientific world is facing at present is this variation.

CH Unnikrishnan
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“Vaccination is the solution for India to contain cervical cancer”

If the country wants to hit its target of eliminating the disease, extensive screening and vaccination are the only way forward, says Dr Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan

Divya Choyikutty

“We will soon test the world’s first multi-potent innate immune proteins in humans to counter AMR”

Innate immune proteins have been fighting infections in all living organisms for millions of years and bacteria have never been able to develop resistance against them. Despite this well-known fact, no one explored the possibility of leveraging this mechanism to counter one of the worst medical crises in modern times:  antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Now, for […]

C H Unnikrishnan

“India is still about 25 years behind in quality care standards”

Quality care in a hospital is a combination of several standards and practices and not just the medical procedure. While medicine itself is an art that is based on science and clinical evidence, quality care also requires a culture that values not only the patient’s disease, but also his emotional wellbeing as well the confidence […]

CH Unnikrishnan

“After NABH assessment, medication error reporting has risen to nearly 100%”

Along with a distinguished career in the Army Medical Corps (AMC), Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor has also been one of the strongest voices in India’s Healthcare Quality movement. He has been a founder member of the NABH and continues to serve as a mentor to the NABH. He retired in December 2017 as Director-General, […]


“We wanted to address all issues that hindered early detection of breast cancer”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Indian women in terms of incidence as well as mortality. Its prevalence in younger age-groups in India is higher than the global average.

CH Unnikrishnan

“We want to support, groom and recognise young, brilliant doctors”

For Metropolis, the next level of growth is not merely chasing business but making an impact in the community with the science that it deals with.

C H Unnikrishnan