Nasal spray treatment cuts SARS CoV-2 levels in nose and throat by 96%

September 30, 2020 0 By FM

A new nasal spray dubbed INNA-051 has shown to significantly mitigate SARS-CoV-2 virus levels in the nose and throat by up to 96% in an animal-based study, announced Australian biotech company Ena Respiratory.
The treatment administered once or twice a week can be used alone or along with vaccine programmes for COVID-19. The synthetic small molecule INNA-051 could potentially enhance the human immune system against common colds and flu, said the company.

The research led by Public Health England (PHE) scientists, showed that INNA-051  performed on ferrets decreased viral replication. The findings are currently published on biomedical prepublication research site bioRxiv.

INNA-051 was in development before the outbreak of COVID-19 to promote resistance towards broader respiratory viral epidemics. Unlike vaccines which are targeted to a specific strain, this spray is designed to be effective for all types of respiratory infections, said the company.

“By boosting the natural immune response of the ferrets with our treatment, we’ve seen a rapid eradication of the virus,” said Christophe Demaison, managing director, Ena Respiratory.

“If humans respond in a similar way, the benefits of treatment are two-fold. Individuals exposed to the virus would most likely rapidly eliminate it, with the treatment ensuring that the disease does not progress beyond mild symptoms,” he added.

On obtaining positive toxicity study results and regulatory approval, Ena Respiratory expects to progress the nasal spray into human trials within four months, according to the company.