Daily COVID-19 infection numbers register a drop in India

December 7, 2020 0 By FM

India’s COVID-19 case tally rose to 96,77,381 with 32,852 new infections in the last 24 hours. The new cases fell this week by around 16% from the previous week, reports TOI. With this, the weekly count of cases is now down by nearly two-thirds (62%) from its peak in September 6-13. The total active cases stand at 3,95,636.

The death toll mounted to 1,40,601 with 381 new deaths reported on Sunday. Compared with the peak of 8,175 deaths recorded between September 13-20, the week-wise covid-related fatalities have dropped by 58%. The fatalities reported between November 29-December 6 was 3,539. As many as 38,810 patients were recovered during the day taking the total recoveries to 91,38,756 so far.

India’s average daily cases ranged between the 40,000 and 45,000 marks in November, while average new deaths ranged between 480 and 560. However, the infection curves of many states have been oscillating with many peaks and troughs.

Kerala reported 4,777 new COVID-19 positive incidences, 5,217 recoveries and 28 deaths in the last 24 hours. The cumulative case tally soared to 6,36,393 with 60,938 of them being presently active infections under treatment. The death toll has risen to 2,419 so far.

Maharashtra reported 4,757 new cases after testing 68,600 samples on Sunday. The number of recoveries reported from the state totalled 7,486 on the day. The total case tally now stands at 18,52,266, with the number of active cases dropping to 80,079. The cumulative recoveries have reached 17,23,370. As many as 40 deaths were reported, taking the toll to 47,734.

With 2,706 new cases detected based on 73,500 tests, the COVID-19 positivity rate of Delhi dipped to 4.78 per cent on Sunday. As many as 69 persons lost lives to the infection taking the toll to 9,643. The total cases now stand at 5,92,250. The active infections reached 24,693.

West Bengal added 3,143 fresh cases, after testing 44,200 samples, pushing the tally to 5,02,840. The active cases remained at 23,894. As many as 3,167 recoveries and 46 deaths were reported on the day. The death toll stood at 8,723.

Rajasthan reported 2,089 new cases, 2,818 recoveries and 2,429 deaths on Sunday. The total cases stood at 2,80,585, of which 22,427 are active infections.

The active cases in Punjab rose to 7,896 after reporting 802 new infections in the last 24 hours. The state’s caseload rose to 1,56,226 with over 1,43,415 recoveries and 4,915 deaths seen so far.

Himachal Pradesh saw 553 positive cases after testing 4,200 samples. The total caseload stood at 44,958 with the active infections at 8,269. While 11 recent deaths took the toll to 722.