COVID-19 death toll at 74,000 globally; India confirms 4281 positive cases

April 7, 2020 0 By FM

The novel coronavirus pandemic that is spread over 200 countries around the world has already claimed at least 74,000 deaths. There have been over 13.4 lakh confirmed cases at present globally, while the US has the highest number of patients tested positive, followed by Spain, Italy, Germany and France. The virus outbreak first emerged in a small campus at the Wuhan region of China in November started spreading across the world through human-to-human transmission, as the source country could not effectively contain the same on time and other countries were late to take preventive measures, including travel restrictions.

India, which declared a 21-day national lockdown on 24th March, has already confirmed 4281 positive cases till now. The country also recorded some 117 deaths. Though India still shows a comparatively lower number of cases and deaths as against its Western counterparts, maybe due to better immunity of Indians against viruses, thanks to their increased exposure to microbial contaminations, experts are also of the view that underreporting of cases could have been another reason.

Even as the country has started better preventive measures by strictly implementing a social distancing move through the longer nation-wide lockdown, increasing testing and isolation facilities, the numbers have not really shown any stabilisation even on the 14th day of the lockdown. Rather, the number of reported cases has shown an alarming jump in the last few days.

While the country is facing a shortage of medical infrastructure and personnel, the other bigger concern that it is going to face shortly is the risk of the several doctors, nurses and paramedical staff getting infected with the virus as there are less precautionary measures like protective clothing, masks and sanitisation products in many of the hospitals.

Meanwhile, one more doctor and 11 nursing officers of Delhi State Cancer Institute have tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday. A total of two doctors and 16 nursing officers of the Institute have already tested positive till now.