MedGenome partners with Denali for novel discoveries in Parkinson’s Disease

August 27, 2020 0 By FM

MedGenome, a leading genomic diagnostics, research and data company based in Foster City, CA and Bangalore, India, today announced that it has formed a strategic discovery collaboration focused on novel discoveries in Parkinson’s Disease (“PD”) with Denali Therapeutics.

MedGenome has built the largest South Asian clinico-genomic datasets through its market leading genomic diagnostics business, public-private partnership with the GenomeAsia100K initiative, and collaborations with leading hospitals and clinicians in the US and India.

Denali and MedGenome will collaborate on applying genomics to analyze and identify novel genes and variants associated with PD, to help discover and develop new therapies for this devastating disease.

“Our collaboration with Denali underscores the untapped potential of genomically under-represented population groups, in particular those from South Asia, with unique population history, and highlights MedGenome’s deep genomics expertise and extensive network of clinical collaborators in India and South Asia. We look forward to working with Denali, a global leader in neurodegenerative disease, to lay the foundations for discoveries that will bring meaningful therapies for Parkinson’s Disease patients around the world,” said Rayman Mathoda, CEO of MedGenome’s Genomic Medicines division.

“Our aim at Denali is to defeat neurodegeneration, and identification of novel degenogenes or disease modifying variants is important to enhance our understanding of Parkinson’s disease biology,” said Joe Lewcock, Ph.D., CSO of Denali. 

“We are excited to partner with MedGenome, given its substantial genomics expertise to explore novel genetic contributors to PD,” Lewcock added.