Aethlon’s Hemopurifier tech to treat cancer receives EU patent

May 9, 2020 0 By FM

Aethlon Medical Inc has received European Patent No. 1,993,600 entitled “Extracorporeal Removal of Microvesicular Particles.” 

The ‘600 patent embodies Aethlon’s Hemopurifier technology designed for the depletion of immune-suppressive, and potentially cancer-promoting, exosomes from the circulatory system

Exosomes have been shown to participate in the development and advancement of cancer. Exosomes derived from tumour cells may promote immune suppression and seed the spread of metastasis. 

Aethlon has demonstrated the ability of laboratory versions of the Hemopurifier to capture exosomes underlying several forms of cancer, including breast, ovarian and melanoma, in laboratory experiments.