X100 full-field blood smear analyser receives CE mark

May 9, 2020 0 By FM

Scopio Labs has received CE mark certification for its X100 Full Field Peripheral Blood Smear (Full Field PBS) all-digital morphology analysis platform.

As the first digital microscope to scan and analyse the entire regions of interest from a slide in high resolution, Full Field PBS enables remote consultation and includes a computer-vision based decision support system.

Accelerating the diagnostic process by scanning and digitising large areas of the slide in high resolution, Scopio Labs helps facilitate efficient review of digital slides and uses its built-in AI tools to compile a detailed report that can also be remotely shared with experts. 

The Full Field PBS offers an end-to-end decision-support tool for clinicians. Its digitised scans are reconstructed with cutting-edge computational photography tools at 100X equivalent magnification and at oil-immersion resolution levels. Built-in machine learning tools then pre-classify cells within the slide and create a data summary of the results. The image data, as well as the data summary, can be reviewed by experts in multiple locations, the company said.