Alinity s to screen blood and plasma gets USFDA nod

September 6, 2019 0 By FM

The USFDA has approved a new blood and plasma screening Alinity s System.

Alinity s is designed to screen blood and plasma more efficiently within a smaller space versus commercially available competitive systems. In a testing specialty that can require extensive hands-on time, the additional automation and flexibility of Alinity s will help blood and plasma centres improve productivity.

Alinity s will help transform the blood and plasma screening process in terms of speed, capacity and “walk-away” time as a result of a number of new features: Expands capacity to run up to 600 tests per hour; Improves centres’ ability to track all activities and actions associated with the testing and processing of each donation in accordance with regulatory requirements and increases walk-away time to a minimum of three hours while adding the ability to continuously access to refill/restock when convenient to the technician, Abbott said.