In2Bones introduces compression plating system

January 6, 2020 0 By FM

In2Bones Global has launched the CoLink Mini Plating System, minimally invasive anatomic compression plating system used for fractures and fusions in the small bones of the foot.

The new system includes ultra-thin and low-profile plates. Minimal prominence at the plate and screw head interface provides protection against soft tissue irritation, which can occur with conventional trauma hardware.

For foot surgeons, it delivers a greater range of choices for fracture and fusion applications. Multiple compression plate families
are available in straight, oblique, and t-plate configurations in various lengths. Each plate accepts both 2.4 mm and 2.7 mm diameter screws, and surgeons can choose either low profile or variable angle locking options.

The titanium plates are also type II anodized, providing a stronger, smoother surface compared to standard colour anodization used in the manufacture of most other plates.