2148 more PG medical seats from this year

October 8, 2019 0 By FM

As many as 2158 post-graduate medical seats have been added in the academic year 2019-20 corresponding to the conversion of PG diploma to PG medical degree, according to the health ministry.

PG medical seats have been converted following the proposal of the Medical Council of India (MCI) to stop all MCI recognised postgraduate diploma courses in medical colleges and give an equal number of MD/MS seats in return.

“Medical Council of India (MCI), with the prior approval of the central government has amended the opening of a new or higher course of study or training (including post-graduate course of study or training) and increase of admission capacity in any course of study or training (including a postgraduate course of study or training) regulations, 2000 to allow the medical colleges and institutions to seek an equal number of postgraduate (MD/MS) seats by surrendering recognized diploma seats in the corresponding course,”  Dr Harsh Vardhan informed parliament.

As per information provided by Board of Governors in supersession of MCI (MCI BoG), Applications from 141 medical colleges for the conversion of 2697 diploma seats of 843 courses into degree seats were received. All the applications were considered by the MCI BoG and it was decided to convert 2148 PG diploma seats of 686 courses in 115 colleges into PG degree seats.

The applications for 549 seats of 157 courses in 54 colleges were not considered for such conversion keeping in view of non-fulfilment of eligibility criteria or nonfurnishing of information by the medical college. state-wise information, including for Maharashtra.