Chlamydia vaccine shows promise in phase I studies

November 15, 2019 0 By FM

Abraham.S et al found the results of a novel chlamydia vaccine to be safe and effective in producing an immune response that could potentially protect against the infection. The vaccine was developed based on a recombinant protein subunit (CTH522). The team analysed the vaccine in 35 healthy women aged 19–45 years. The participants were divided into three groups (3:3:1) with 15 receiving CTH522 adjuvanted with CAF01 liposomes, 15 receiving CTH522 adjuvanted with aluminium hydroxide (CTH522: AH) and 5 placed under placebo group. Participants were injected on the first day of the trial, and then again on days 28 and 112, with boosters on days 126 and 140. Both CTH522:CAF01 and CTH522: AH induced anti-CTH522 IgG seroconversion in 15 (100%) of 15 participants after five immunisations. No participants in the placebo group were seroconverted. Both vaccines were immunogenic, although CTH522:CAF01 showed a better immunogenicity profile, with accelerated seroconversion, and a more consistent cell-mediated immune response, holding promise for further clinical development. The study reported no related serious adverse reactions.

Source: Lancet Infectious Diseases August 12, 2019 DOI: