Adapt to the constantly changing field

August 12, 2020 0 By FM

COVID-19, though unfortunate, has also been an opportunity to learn. The first thing that the pandemic has taught us, the medical community, is that many rules that we knew as medical professionals have been rewritten. The way the patients consult doctors has changed, all non-emergency situations like diabetes and others have become secondary, the lockdown has made remote consultation, diagnosis and prescription a new normal, and finally, the value of the profession has been re-emphasised in this distressing situation. So, with all these, the important message that we all get is that it is time to innovate and welcome new models.

Adapting to the constant transformation in the field and making use of advancing technologies to cope with emerging needs are the ways to go.

Indeed, the government has now legalised telemedicine. This makes electronic medical records and communication technology essential parts of the profession.

Therefore, what I want to tell youngsters is that such challenges will keep coming in the future as well. So be agile to changing needs in the practice and be familiar with the technologies that can redefine the profession. More importantly, since the value of doctors has been emphasised more than ever during this pandemic, it is wise to make yourself available to the needy rather than being too ambitious and keeping away from them.

Remember, our ability to face new challenges and adapt to new changes are what will define our success in the longer term.  

­— As told to Divya Choyikutty

Dr V Mohan, Chairman and Chief Diabetologist at Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, and President and Director of the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation