Pandemic endgame wilts under delta heat

September 11, 2021 0 By S Harachand

An explosion of new cases despite mass vaccination forces countries to recalibrate COVID-19 exit strategies

In the battle against the SARS-CoV-2, few places in the global atlas scripted a victory as spectacular as did China. Within a span of less than two months, newly confirmed cases in this nation of 1.4 billion dropped to fewer than 100 per day from thousands at the height of the outbreak in 2020. The numbers dwindled further to less than a dozen sporadic infections per day during subsequent months in the place assumed to be its origin. In contrast, the rest of the world has been going through convulsions as it dealt with wave after wave of COVID-19 outbreaks.

China’s story of triumph, however, is increasingly under threat. The near-zero-case scenario is now giving way to a surge of new infections led by the emer…

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