Merck launches Pergoveris for infertility in India

September 13, 2021 0 By Team FM

Merck Specialties Pvt ltd launched Pergoveris Pen for advanced infertility treatment in India.

The novel first-hand version of the Pergoveris Pen is a combination of a freeze-dried powder and solvent, reducing the probability of reconstitution errors. As a result, Pergoveris delivers with more precision and, hence, is more accessible to self-administration by patients during infertility treatment.

In addition, by eliminating the need for mixing, Pergoveris Pen is the world’s first combined therapy option for recombinant gonadotropins, demonstrating the efficacy, safety, and combinability of recombinant follitropin alfa with recombinant lutropin alfa, in a single ready to inject device, using Filled-By-Mass Technology, for infertile women in a physiological ratio of 2:1.